Fighting The Good Fight Of Faith. Together.

Praying Woman


Our Mission

To encourage women to continue in the good fight by the power and might of Jesus Christ. (1 Timothy 6:12)

Our Vision

To equip and encourage an army of women warriors for Christ—healed, whole and fearless in faith—to destroy the works of darkness and further the kingdom of God.

Our Reader

As a woman warrior for Christ, you understand that this IS a battle and you’re not afraid to step into the fray. Your heart’s desire is to be better equipped so you can walk in victory, crush the enemy’s head and bring glory to your King.

You’re not just fighting for yourself.

You’re fighting for those who mean the most to you and those who the Lord brings into your path. You know the ones. So does Satan.

But in the end, you will win.


Because you are a woman warrior for Christ—armed with the Word of God and dangerous to the enemy.

Articles to inspire, encourage and equip women fiercely devoted to Jesus Christ—warriors at heart—armed with the Word of God and dangerous to the kingdom of darkness.