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Praying Woman



by Janis Jakes

“A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1-2)

Let not your heart be troubled. Easier said than done, I thought, rushing from one appointment to the next.

Nothing was wrong. I was just busy. With busyness comes distractions, and with distractions comes wrong-thinking. My mind becomes entrapped by the cares of this world, and before long, I’m acting like my former self—impatient and irritated at everything from long lines to traffic lights.

How does such an attitude shine the light of the gospel to a lost and dying world?

It doesn’t.

There is a man I know who has played the role of Jesus for several years in an Easter program at a local church where hundreds of people across the city attend. He once told about being in line at a local store and growing irritated at how long it was taking. He wanted to say something but held his tongue.

As he finally stepped forward to take his turn at the cash register, the woman checking him out smiled and said something like, “I know you. You play Jesus in the Easter program.”

His heart tumbled, and he silently thanked God that he’d kept his mouth shut.

A beautiful older woman I know once shared these words of wisdom: “I’ve never had to repent for something I didn’t say.”

The truth is that life can be difficult, schedules can be demanding, and our tongues can be quick to lash out, but we’re not to surrender to the struggle. We’re called to a higher place … a place where we set our minds on the Lord Jesus and ask Him for the grace to walk through whatever the day brings.

Frustration over our to-do list cannot interfere with the greatest commandments of all: to love God with all our hearts, soul, mind, and strength and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

It is a daily reminder we must all give ourselves: we are ambassadors of Christ Jesus. It is our Lord and Savior we represent to the world—whether at work, in our car, or standing in the grocery store line.

Ask yourself…

Is there anything I can cut from my schedule to de-stress my life? Am I starting the day in prayer or hitting the floor running? Am I looking for opportunities to show Jesus to others or only thinking of what I’ve got to get done? Am I spending too much time on social media, television, or playing games? Am I remaining mindful of my thoughts and attitude in every situation? Do I talk to Jesus throughout the day—reminding myself that His presence is with me?


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