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A Word in Due Season

A Word in Due Season

by Janis Jakes

Where was the Lord? I needed to hear from Him! I can still remember telling a friend that I was troubled because of the delay. God spoke through her that day and completely altered my heart and mind. That’s one of the ways I knew it was God speaking—because of the dramatic change in my spiritual equilibrium. Where I had been restless and worried, I was at peace. It was a “word in due season”.

Many of us have received such words. Perhaps they came from the pastor’s Sunday morning sermon. Maybe they came from reading the Bible. Maybe from a blog post, such as this one. Or, as in my situation, from a wise friend.

The Back Story

My husband and I waited anxiously to receive the email that our international adoption had gone through and it was time to get our airplane tickets. Our baby girl waited in China at an orphanage—that was about the extent of our knowledge. It had been almost two years since we started the adoption process and now that we neared the end, every day felt like an eternity.

We had added a room onto our house for our daughter, bought her new furniture and clothes, and even had a name ready for her. She was not our only or even our first child. We had five grown children. She was the child God birthed in our hearts, and we could hardly wait to hold her in our arms.

Only weeks before we expected to receive her in our arms, the SARS epidemic hit China. The outbreak caused more than 700 deaths and more than 8,000 cases with the majority in Hong Kong—the very city we would first fly into.

Concerned about a worldwide epidemic, the government temporarily called off all adoptions. I remember feeling devastated. How long would this adoption ban last? What if it was permanent? What would happen to our baby? The adoption agency had no answers. It was entirely in the hands of the Chinese government.

I was bemoaning the situation with a friend when she calmly said, “Whatever time it takes is the time to make sure you have the exact child God means for you to have.”

Her words were not necessarily profound, but they fell across me like a supernatural wave of mercy and grace. Anxiety lifted and peace poured into my soul. The change was instantaneous. The SARS epidemic was not bigger than God’s plan for our life. It was a word in due season.

Fortunately, the adoption ban only lasted a couple of weeks, but my spirit and soul never again questioned the delay. When we finally held our daughter, we knew we had the child God chose just for us.

Judging the Word

Proverbs 15:23 states, “A man has joy by the answer of his mouth, And a word spoken in due season, how good it is!”

How did I know that the words my friend spoke were from God? Because I sensed His presence and had an immediate, positive shift in my spirit. My friend did not say, “Hey, I have a word from God for you.” It just flowed naturally—without pomp and circumstance—through our conversation.

So, how do you judge a word that you think is from God?

  • Does it line up with the Word of God? If it isn’t scriptural, it isn’t God. If in doubt, ask a trusted spiritual leader in your church.
  • Do you sense the Holy Spirit in what is being said? The Bible tells us that we are the Lord’s sheep and we hear His voice. If it’s not God, do not follow.
  • Does the word bring bondage or condemnation? Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom—freedom to follow fully in the grace and knowledge of the Lord.
  • Do you trust the person giving the word? We cannot judge the heart of others, but God has given us a certain amount of wisdom. If you know a person is not walking uprightly or may have ulterior motives, seriously pray before embracing any “word” from that person.
  • Does the word change your outlook, focus, or perspective on a situation or circumstance? A Word from God is supernatural. You should expect a supernatural result.

A Word in Due Season is like honey to your soul. When a word comes from the Lord’s harvest, there is nothing sweeter or more impactful. We are ready to hear, Lord! Thank you for speaking to your children!


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