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April 2017 Warrior Prayer

April 2017 Warrior Prayer

by Janis Jakes

This April, please pray for anyone with addictions—drugs, alcohol, sexual, spending, gluttony or nameless other destructive habits. Pray that those suffering will turn to Jesus for healing and wholeness. Pray for loved ones, neighbors, those at work, and those at school. Pray for the stranger on the street and the stranger in the penthouse.

Pray that God touches the hearts and minds of those suffering and free them from satanic bondage! Pray that He reminds them of His love and the value He places upon every being. Remove the scales from their eyes and show them the better way. Ask the Lord to bring spirit-filled Christians into their lives to testify of Jesus and disciple them in the ways of the Lord.

Ask the Father to make a path of escape where there seems to be no way—for Him to reach out to those in torment and rescue their souls from the pit—so they can be ministers of the Truth and reach even more lost.

And, pray that your children, spouse, relatives, and descendants will NEVER fall prey to the deceit of addiction, but will serve the Lord all the days of their lives. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!


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