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August 2017 Warrior's Prayer

August 2017 Warrior's Prayer

by Janis Jakes

While many students look forward to reuniting with their friends and returning to school, there are many others who dread the peer pressure, academic stress, and in some instances, the bullying that comes with a new school year. For the month of August, let’s pray for students, along with teachers, assistant teachers, coaches, counselors, administrators, janitors, nurses, office personnel, bus drivers, parents, and anyone else involved in the process.

Pray for the Lord to strengthen students and to draw them to Him. Pray for strong Christian youth to set an example and to reach out to those struggling to fit in or to overcome challenges (in their academic and personal lives).

Pray for students to focus on school and to stay away from harmful substances and activities that could steal away their years and even take their lives.

Pray for the teachers, administrators, and others in positions on campus to receive an extra dose of grace and wisdom to know how to help students and one another.

Pray for school doors to open to the influence of JESUS CHRIST on campus and in the hallways as never before.

Also pray for those who are enjoying a last minute vacation—for safe travels and wonderful memories under the Father’s guiding hand.

Prayer is mighty and when we pray together, as sister soldiers, lives can be changed, hearts can be transformed, and darkness dispelled. Let us remember our students and those involved in their success every single day.

Amen. God bless you.


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