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Praying Woman



by Hannah Bollinger

This post originally appeared in the Woven Beautiful blog.

It’s a bit noisy out there in the world. There’s no shortage of opinions, no shortage of images that seem to feed comparison. And while there’s the dictionary definition of beautiful, truth is…

What is beautiful to one person, is not necessarily to another.

But there is One whose view of you doesn’t change, whose love for you is steadfast, and whose delight in you isn’t based on a how you perceive your reflection in the mirror. He doesn’t measure your worth by a number on a scale or the physical layer that holds your soul.

He sees your soul.

He knows you fully. There is nothing hidden from His perfect eyes. There is nothing you can do to remove even a sliver of His love for you.

In the eyes of your Beholder—Beholder God—

You are beautiful.

He created you with such respect, paying careful attention to microscopic details. He chose to make you in His very image and place you in this world for a distinct purpose—a purpose uniquely yours to live out if you so choose.

Maybe rejection and abandonment have followed you through life. Maybe you feel like a mistake. Maybe you’re convinced you’ll never be good enough. Maybe belittling words have pierced your spirit. Maybe someone’s treated your body like anything but the masterpiece that it is. Maybe you feel ugly and unworthy.

Maybe you’ve never once felt beautiful, or maybe you’re striving to be beautiful.

Your Beholder has already given you His stamp of approval. Your name is engraved on the palms of His hands and He has not forgotten about you.

To Him you are wanted, chosen, treasured, fully loved, and worth dying for. In Him, you are forgiven, made new, free, and equipped to do things beyond your wildest dreams. With Him, you are safe and you belong. You are beautiful because you are a masterpiece of the most Beautiful One of all.

His beauty lives in you, shining brightest through you when you keep your gaze on Him and your ears open to His whispers. There is freedom when you trust His Voice of Truth over the opinions of this world.

You are His beautiful child whom He pursues with an everlasting love that cannot be shaken by any voice of this world—

Because He has the final say.

Y O U A R E W O V E N B E A U T I F U L.


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