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Beauty Will Rise

Beauty Will Rise


This post originally appeared in the Woven Beautiful blog.

Sometimes I hear it when I’m rocking my littlest to sleep, when I’m sweeping crumbs off a dirty floor for the tenth time in a day, when I gaze at miracle brothers smiling big at each other, or when my lungs inhale fresh air while pushing a stroller.

Beauty will rise.

These three words woven together are like a breath of hope—a reminder that though the struggles of life will happen on this side of eternity, beautiful wildflowers will eventually bloom out of ashen fields.

It’s the message of the Gospel. For God so loved the world that He gave.

He gave His Son, Jesus.

Perfect Jesus hung on a rugged cross bearing the ashes of all sin—past, present, and future. The darkness was dark, but three days later He rose.

Three days later beauty rose, because Jesus rose.

Truth is beauty can rise out of the ashes of our lives because Jesus rose and defeated death. Truth is the darker the night, the more beauty that will follow for those who put their trust in Jesus. Truth is God uses the struggles for our good and His glory, and so they aren’t wasted. And truth is the best is yet to come because Jesus is coming back and Heaven is for real and God’s plan from the beginning has always been to give us the very best.

Maybe one reason God made me a mama is so that I can see the beauty of His unfailing love even more. Maybe God knew I needed two miracles to discover that though weeping may last for a night, joy comes in the morning. Maybe God knew that motherhood would be where I’d learn to fall to my knees so that I could then see Him pick me back up and usher me through every moment of every day.

God knew.

So God gave me two boys who daily remind me that beauty will rise.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. ~ Psalm 27:13 {NIV}

There is nothing too far from God’s redemption, nothing too broken from the healing touch of Jesus, and nothing too dark that can’t be transformed by amazing grace.

Beauty will rise.


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