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Praying Woman

Continue to Pray

Continue to Pray

by Janis Jakes

We know you are already praying for the situation in Afghanistan and for the people of that country. The following are specific prayer points (condensed) from Please incorporate these into your prayer time:

1) Pray for the small group of believers in the country, that God will give them strength, wisdom, and supernatural peace. 2) Pray for those displaced as a new wave of refugees is expected to come from Afghanistan. 3) Pray for women, that they are protected and do not suffer retribution. 4) Pray for the sick and that the healthcare system will not collapse. 5) Pray that the country will not be a haven for any terrorist groups.

We would like to add to their list, 6) Pray for our military and their families. May God’s hand be upon them all. And, 7) Pray that the situation is somehow transformed to elevate the gospel of Jesus Christ as Savior and that a miraculous wave of repentance and conversion sweep the land.



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