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Praying Woman

Emotionally FREE!

Emotionally FREE!

by Janis Jakes

Even old injuries that appear healed on the surface may have hidden scar tissue that impede normal movement and cause discomfort in day-to-day life. What hidden injuries are binding you? What secret scars are keeping you from a normal life—a life where you walk FREE in Christ Jesus?

The other day I visited a massage therapist due to neck pain. I was told that my neck was tight because of scar tissue from an old injury and a licensed massage therapist could help. Frankly, I did not hold high expectations. After just two visits, however, the pain on one side of my neck disappeared. It was truly a praise God moment.

It was hard to believe that after almost twenty years of suffering, some days more than others, I finally experienced relief. The entire situation brought to mind the woman in Luke 13:10-17. The Bible states that she had a spirit of infirmity for eighteen years and was bent over and could not raise herself. Jesus laid His hands on her and immediately she was made straight and glorified God.

Many people are spiritually bent over and bound with invisible scars. The wound may have originally come through rejection, abuse, unforgiveness, offense, or other emotional pain. The scars from the past cling tightly to every fiber of flesh and only the healing hand of the Savior will release them from hidden strangleholds.

Just as the massage therapist’s touch was initially uncomfortable, so it can be when the Lord starts probing places we thought too hard or too tender to touch. Soon, with His gentle kneading of our knotted past or disjointed emotions, we find release from pain and freedom from even the deepest injustice or injury.

The Word of God tells us that he whom the Son sets free is free indeed (John 8:36) As daughters of the King, let us refuse to be bound by the pain that seeks to define our past, present, or future. Instead, let us walk in what is ours to enjoy—freedom in Christ Jesus.

When I asked the massage therapist how long I would remain free from pain, she said, “Once the scar tissue is gone, it stays gone.” Now, I can hardly wait to go back so I can experience the same relief on the other side of my neck.

Likewise, let the Holy Spirit touch the places only He can touch and move over the tender, even painful parts of your heart. Permanent healing awaits and greater freedom in Christ Jesus from what has held you bound.

When Jesus spoke to the woman who had been bent over, he said to her, “Woman, you are loosed from your infirmity.” He wants to say the same to you. Let him in those painful places. He loves you and wants to set you free. Be loosed!



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