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February 2018 Warrior's Prayer

February 2018 Warrior's Prayer

by Janis Jakes

Let us pray this month for Christian missionaries around the globe and in the USA—that they are given boldness to declare the gospel of Jesus Christ and the grace to endure all things. Let us pray for their families to be strengthened and that they see the fruit of their efforts, so they will be encouraged in the faith!

Let us pray for protection over those in hostile lands and the favor of God to rest upon them—favor with everyone, from the indigenous population to community leaders to the top-ranking government officials. Let us pray that each missionary receives the support to continue to minister and that God speak directly to the hearts of the lost through them.

Let us also pray for more individuals to walk in their calling onto the mission field and that a great harvest will come forth. In Jesus’ Name we pray. Amen.


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