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It's In Your Blood!

It's In Your Blood!

by Janis Jakes

Imagine your life without fear. Really stop. Really imagine your life. Now, really, really imagine your life without fear.

Inside of every woman warrior is a daring child—fearless and adventurous—confidently meeting whatever challenge comes her way. Much like Savannah, a young girl I once knew.

Every Saturday was Open Gym Day at the local gymnastics studio. It was a no-pressure sort of day where any regular class attendee or gymnastics team member could hang out and work on whatever equipment they wanted.

Savannah was a clever ball of gangly limbs and a quick smile; she was completely charming in a high-energy, daring sort of way.

I knew all of the girls on the gymnastic team because my daughter was a member. And, because we spent so much time at the gym, I also knew most of the regular class attendees, and Savannah was not one of them either.

She was new and she was a natural. She rolled fearlessly across the balance beam as if it were a piece of carpet on the ground. She climbed onto one of the higher bars, doing a split and spin over the thin rail with complete confidence.

Admittedly, her form was wobbly and the grace lacking, but she still did it. Not even all the team girls could do what she did. I knew with just a little coaching and encouragement, Savannah would be great.

In my excitement, I tracked down her mother. “Why isn’t your daughter on the team?”

Her eyes shifted from me to her daughter then back again. “The coaches want her to be on the team, but I’m still thinking about it. I know it takes a lot of time.”

“She is pretty amazing,” I said. “Fearless. A natural.”

“Her father was a gymnast,” she said with nonchalance. “It’s in her blood.”

Over the next few years, I saw the young girl with seemingly endless legs and a quick smile turn into a graceful and accomplished gymnastic team member. At one point, my daughter left the team and decided to concentrate on strictly tumbling. Savannah moved away, returned to town, then disappeared again. Somewhere along the way, we lost touch.

Even though I do not know what happened to her, I do know that she was exactly how the woman warrior for Christ should be. She was brave in the face of new challenges—never looking at what she lacked in experience but fearlessly and fully expecting to do what she sat out to do. And, she had fun doing it!

If you only think about it for a moment, you and I are naturals, too. In our blood flows the blood of our fearless Father. In our blood is a magnificent conqueror. In our blood is royal DNA from the King of kings and Lord of lords. Fear is not our heritage. It is not a curse or disease He passed along. In Him, fear does not exist.

In 2 Timothy 1:7, the Word of God says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

Now, I ask you again, how would your life be different if you didn’t let fear hold you back? Is there something you know the Lord is calling you to do, but you’re allowing your fear of inadequacy or failure or whatever to hold you back?

If so, grab the bar! Leap onto the beam! Tumble across the floor. You may not be graceful at first, and you may even get a few bumps and bruises, but at least you’re doing it! You’re out there, making it happen.

Our time on this earth is short. Decide today that you will not let fear steal another second. You will set your mind on following the Lord and obeying His will.

This day, choose to be like Savannah. Better yet, choose to be like your Father! Fearless.


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