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July 2018 Warrior's Prayer

July 2018 Warrior's Prayer

by Janis Jakes

Let us remember those individuals who work in the hospitality and customer service industry. There are many, many people traveling on vacation this time of year, but there are many others who are not. These individuals are working–hard.

Pray that the Lord will give these industry workers the strength to be gracious, the wisdom to know how to handle challenging issues, and the financial gain that benefits their home and family.

Pray that if these workers know the Lord, He will place them in divine positions to show forth the love of Christ. And, if they do not know the Lord, He will bring strong Christians into their path to show forth His great love, which leads to salvation.

We also pray for safe travels for all those who are on vacation and that the memories they make will bring a lifetime of blessing.

Thank you, Lord, for watching over, and blessing, all these individuals. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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