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Life In the Slow Lane

Life In the Slow Lane

by Janis Jakes

Traveling is something our family has always done. When Covid came along and air travel became more challenging, we decided to reconsider our mode of transportation. We purchased a van, had it customized to include a bathroom, and took off from San Angelo, Texas to Key West, Florida for our first of many trips.

Within the comfort of our new van, we meandered through small towns—thanking God for what each new day would bring. We didn’t bother to make hotel reservations since we weren’t on a strict timeline and never knew where we’d land. We also had the option of staying at a campground and popping out our tent. Boondocking was also a possibility. Most of all, we enjoyed our new freedom.

Since the van was easy to drive and only took up a standard parking space, we could take our vehicle anywhere we could take an automobile.

If we decided to make a side trip in the middle of our travels, we did so. Our final destination was no longer when the fun started. Every mile had its share of fun—unique scenery, small-town diners, local nature preserves, sandy beaches, and mom-and-pop retail shops. No town was the same, and that was part of the charm.

On our first trip, we enjoyed the pale turquoise waters along the Overseas Highway to Key West. We gazed upon the sparkling white sands of Gulf Port, Mississippi. Then, we drove across the longest bridge in the world in Metairie, Louisiana. And, we rode the ferry from Bolivar Island to Galveston Bay—escorted by a pod of playful dolphins.

We saw sights we would’ve never seen from our airplane window seat. We also learned an important lesson in the process. Life in the fast lane is way over-rated. When it comes to life and to travel, slower is often far sweeter.


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