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March 2018 Warrior's Prayer

March 2018 Warrior's Prayer

by Janis Jakes

Let us pray for greater Christian influence in all forms of media. Let us pray for God to raise up a generation of believers who will propel the light of the gospel to movie screens, television programs, theaters, newspapers, magazines and social media formats. Let us pray that those who are already influencers in these fields will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and we will see a miraculous revival in the media.

At a time when so many negative influences seek to steal the hearts of families and children, we pray for God to show forth His glory as never before! We pray that the Lord will open the eyes of those who may be addicted and/or more susceptible to the carnality of such influences, and reveal the better way found only through following Jesus. We declare that the media will not shape and mold our children and families, but our families and children will shape and mold the media.

We will not throw up our hands in defeat but pray for a MIGHTY move of God! In JESUS’ NAME we pray. Let it be so!


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