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Praying Woman

Sending Prayers

Sending Prayers

by Sister Soldiers In Christ

Our hearts go out to those impacted by the recent tornadoes that left a trail of devastation across six states. We pray for the families of those who lost loved ones. We pray for the communities impacted … for the children, the elderly, and everyone in between. We pray for those injured to recover, and to do so quickly. We pray for the first responders, service volunteers, those in the medical field, and related roles, who see the pain and loss up close and personal.

We pray for any displaced pet, that they will be reunited with their owners or loving caretakers. We pray for those who lost homes and belongings, and those who never expected to lose work so close to the holidays. God, most of all we pray for the peace that passes all understanding to be made manifest … that others will be drawn to You and Your goodness and see the love of Christ through the hearts of Your people. Amen.

Note: If offering financial support, donations, or volunteer service, please vet the organization. Sadly, with tragedy comes scammers.


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