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September 2017 Warrior's Prayer

September 2017 Warrior's Prayer

by Janis James

This month, let us pray AGAINST all cancer. Almost everyone has at least one family member or friend touched by this disease. Pray for those being treated right now, and pray for their family members—that the Lord’s loving embrace surround them all. Pray for the miraculous healing that can ONLY come from above.

Pray for those who have known cancer on a more intimate level—personally walking through the diagnosis, treatment, remission, and ongoing checkups. Pray for these survivors to never have another recurrence. Pray for any fear to leave their minds, replaced with the peace that passes all understanding.

And, pray for researchers, physicians, nurses, and other medical team members to receive the supernatural knowledge and grace needed to minister life in every situation and circumstance.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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