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To My King ...

To My King ...

by Hannah Bollinger

This post originally appeared in the Woven Beautiful blog.

My King,

You know I’m a bit of a dreamer.

I imagine what it would be like to walk along the shore at sunset with brilliant colors painting the sky, bare feet pillowed in silky sand, hand in hand with You. And I imagine what it would be like to dance wrapped in Your embrace among fields of colorful wildflowers smiling happy. Or what it would be like to climb a mighty mountain together, to reach the peak and gaze down and around in wonder of breathtaking beauty.

Because I’m not ashamed to call you King.

To My King, Woven Beautiful

I’ve read stacks of stories about You, Your love jumping off the pages and into my heart. I’ve admired Your beauty in glowing sunrises and birds whistling joyful tunes. I’ve felt Your presence showering me with peace that passes all understanding in the most unexpected places.

Of every desire of my heart, to see Your face tops my list. And because You are a King who honors every promise, I believe in faith that day is coming.

I praise You, thank you, bow down in honor for your selfless gift of amazing grace poured out for one such as me. My soul sings the tune of freedom because Your nail-pierced hands bear the scars of perfect love.

And no greater love have I ever known than the Love of You, my King.

Your love is healing balm and life to all it touches. You delight in me and I in You. You calm me when I fear. You scoop me up in arms of comfort when weariness overwhelms. You quench my thirsty soul with living water. You answer when I call, for every intricate detail matters greatly to You. You are with me through every valley and mountain. You are the Good Shepherd who leads me to meadows of green.

And what great joy to know You are preparing a place for me where tears will be no more and I will dance on streets of gold. How I dream of that day, longing for the divine hour to come soon.

But until then, I will make the best of these right-now moments, trusting this earthly season is woven into the story with purpose. And through it all, You are my Savior, Rock, Refuge, Shining Light, Beautiful One, Defender, Shoulder to cry on, Healer, Best Friend, Helper, Provider, Hope, Redeemer, Lord forever…

Jesus, You are my King.

And one day, oh one glorious day, You will usher me home—to the real ever after.


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