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What to Wear?

What to Wear?

by Janis Jakes

God has been good to me. He has loved me when others rejected me. He has comforted me when others looked the other way. And, He has chastised me when I have treated people unkindly or walked in rebellion. Yes, that is His goodness, too. Most likely, you have experienced the same.

There was a time, many years ago, when I planned to attend a special event where several of my friends would be present. A man I did not get along with was also supposed to be there, and I dreaded the encounter. In my mind, he had wronged me. And in my pride, I wanted to confront him about every perceived offense. I was still new in the Lord but had enough sense to pray—asking God for more grace and a forgiving heart.

Every time I believed I had overcome my bitterness I’d find myself rehearsing imaginary conversations—preparing to give this person a piece of my mind. Of course, I’d stop myself and pray for more grace. And so the cycle would begin all over again. And again.

Just a few days before the event, during another imaginary argument, the Lord spoke to my heart in a way that startled me. I sensed Him saying, When you attend the event, you can wear my grace or you can wear your sin, but you can’t wear them both.

The chastisement was too strong to ignore or treat as a passing thought. I’d soaked in my anger for so long, I’d turned my eyes from God and let my emotions become an idol. I was bowing down to my feelings rather than obeying the Word of God. It was at that moment when I completely forgave this person.

At the event, I spoke to the man and he asked for forgiveness. I did the same, for I had wronged him with my words and in my heart even more times than he knew. Today, when I remember him, I do so with tremendous fondness and even gratitude. I’ve encountered him several times since that day and each time, we rejoice when we see one another.

When offenses come, we all have a choice. Grace or sin? Why not wear what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord? Adorn yourself in His beauty. Adorn yourself in grace.

Surely He scorns the scornful, But gives grace to the humble. (Proverbs 3:34)


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